Product Designer
San Francisco, CA

Lead designs on many aspects for Celo's primary app, Valora. I was responsible for developing Celo's first proper Design System, as well as revitalizing Valora's UI & visual language. From the ground up, I lead designs for the primary "Banking Screen" (cashing in & out, sending funds, etc.). Working with a great team, we delivered the community's most anticipated feature - the CELO Rewards Program. We discussed product decisions, and I also lead the design of the entire user experience. After the release, we hit our milestone of multiplying cumulative held balances. As a result, unbanked individuals and families in marginalized communities are now earning much-needed rewards.

Age Bold

Product Designer
San Francisco, CA

Recruited to build a cross-platform digital workout service for seniors. I executed research expeditions to design their first web dashboard and illustrated 50+ pixel-perfect badges for their achievements system.


Product Designer
San Francisco, CA

Recruited to develop and launch a comprehensive marketing tool for real-estate agents & brokers. I collaborated with a team to design a cross-platform design system with visual assets.

Sonera Magnetics

Brand Designer
Web Developer
Berkeley, CA

I designed a comprehensive brand with all major touchpoints. Leading meetings with the two co-founders, we discussed the company’s vision, technology and business goals. Through these discussions I designed Sonera’s logo, business cards, presentations boards, slide decks and brand guidelines. I also designed, developed and launched their website at SoneraMagnetics.com. All these materials are used to engage with investors at high-profile neurotechnology events in the Bay Area.

University of Southern California

3D Rednering Designer
San Francisco, CA

On short notice, I produced renderings for USC's Molecular and Computational Biology Department. Under an urgent timeline of one week, I taught myself two new design programs and studied authentic laboratory conditions to construct an accurate 3D model. The 8KHD images were crucial to acquiring $20 million from investors to construct new laboratories — you can now visit them at USC.

John Pugh Art

Trompe-l'œil Mural Apprentice
Truckee, CA

I relocated to Truckee, CA to live & work directly alongside world-renowned Trompe-l'oeil mural painter, John Pugh. I assisted John throughout his design process. John's murals are over 30×60 feet large and commissioned by international entities such as government educational programs and national museums.


Urban Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Studied urban environmental conditions in the Los Angeles area. Using the findings, I spearheaded a series of projects to design and construct 3D model assets. These 3D Visual Presentation boards were presented at funding meetings and helped facilitate the construction of a major metropolitan project.

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