Great to meet you!

I'm Calvin Robert Lee

I am a T-shaped Product Designer with a background in architecture. I combine my knowledge in business, design, and systems to create intuitive & elegant design experiences.


Having started in architecture, I approach challenges and complex systems as a problem solver.

Most recently, I designed and launched mobile features in the crypto space. Before that, I created a comprehensive brand for a startup in the neurotechnology space. I thrive best in cross-functional teams at tech startups in international markets.

My work and skillset have directly assisted founders and professors acquire funding in the tens of millions of dollars. I understand business goals, launching on pressing timelines, front-end dev, design systems, and mobile apps.

Design Philosophy

I value products that make people's lives easier. A creator needs to be able to abandon an idea if it isn't working. I value creators that work hard to solve difficult, real-world problems. Here are some principles I use when creating:

  • Find the first principles of a problem
  • Understand everything is a system, map it out
  • Don’t forget the problem you are trying to solve
  • Less is more, but too little is nothing
  • Have grit, be open to feedback
  • Communication is key, be transparent
  • Design from intution
  • Research is crucial to advance the details
  • Know your constraints
  • Revisit ideas and solutions from different viewpoints
  • Bridge concepts from other fields

Digital Ecosystem

As a creator, I thrive the most when my digital ecosystem is thoroughly interconnected, here is a list of some of the apps I use on a daily basis:

  • Craft for personal wiki, learning notes, and more
  • Figma for designs, brainstorming personal projects, systems
  • Things 3 for GTD
  • Visual Studio Code for coding
  • MindNode for mapping: projects, areas of knowledge, books
  • Bear for longform notes and writing
  • GoodNotes 5 for brainstorming in written form, markups
  • Day One for daily journaling, documenting my life, reflections
  • Bearable for daily intakes and self-tracking
  • Way of Life for habit tracking
  • Eagle for local multimedia storage, tagging, and organizing
  • for bookmark managment
  • Alfred 4 for quicker global control of macOS
  • Paste for clipboard organization
  • Bartender 3 for a clearner menu
  • Magnet for window organization
  • BetterTouchTool or personalized hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Spotify for lots of music!