Theme Redesign

Roam Research is a writing tool for interconnected thinking. At the beginning of 2020 I challenged myself to learn how to code. I designed and developed a pure css based theme for the webapp.

Along this journey I learned how to use GitHub, create a repository, and manage my first open source project. The repo currently has 108 stars.

Below you will see screenshots of the 3 different themes: Aquae, Nox, and Lux.

Below you can see some comments from the Roam Community regarding this redesign:

Carlos De la Guardia said "Really enjoying Cal Robert's Lux dark mode for Roam Research..." on Twitter.

Zach Holmquist said "In a fit of mania last night, I built a Roam Research proof-of-concept app that allows a user to login, save data, and push to Roam in real-time. First use case is remotely injecting Cal Robert's themes via gallery interface." on Twitter.

敏 肖 said "Thanks for your work on Roam Research Dark Mode CSS ;)" alongside his donation on PayPal.

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